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Macaroni and Cheese Mix - 16 Servings per Pouch

Macaroni and Cheese Mix - 16 Servings per Pouch

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-Classic Macaroni and Cheese Mix ideal for large events or commercial use like catering, lodging, restaurants, and parties, with 16 servings per pouch.

-Crafted with creamy and silky cheese sauce made of aged cheddar and blue cheese; Vegetarian with zero grams of added sugar.

-You can keep it simple or get creative by mixing other ingredients or loading it with fresh toppings for the ultimate mac and cheese experience.

-Foodservice size, chef-ready.

-Speed scratch – Just add water for a consistent and delicious homestyle meal your guests will love.

-No stress over expiration dates; Shelf stable meals with up to 15-year extended shelf life.

-Delivering quality, value, and taste with every spoonful.

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