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Simple Kitchen Foods

Simple Kitchen Vegetable Bundle - #10 Cans, Great Value

Simple Kitchen Vegetable Bundle - #10 Cans, Great Value

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This bundle contains all the essential shelf stable kitchen vegetables! Perfect for emergency food supply or everyday convenient use.

With a total of 443 total servings this bundle includes one #10 Can of our delicious Freeze-Dried Peas,  one #10 Can of our delicious Freeze-Dried Corn, one #10 can of Dehydrated Chopped Onions, and one #10 can of Freeze-Dried Red & Green Bell Peppers.

Cans don't let any light, air or moisture pass through. So, if stored properly, food in #10 cans will last years or even decades without going bad. Cans are also very durable and can make it through natural disasters like hurricanes without getting damaged.

ReadyWise Simple Kitchen #10 cans are a great choice, whether for emergency preparedness or everyday use. Each item is easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious.

Preparation Instructions: 

  1. Open: Open can and discard oxygen absorber.
  2. Eat as-is or rehydrate: To rehydrate, cover with water.
  3. Stand: Let stand until soft.
  4. Drain: Drain water and use as desired

Product Specifications:

  • Made in the USA
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Quick & Easy
  • Gluten Free
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